We define next level mobile hospitality

AeroGuest is an end-to-end SaaS platform connected to the entire hospitality industry.

We believe the best hotel stays occur when booking, mobile check-in, payment, hotel experience and personal service come together seamlessly.

We’re the only universal provider

We integrate to 80% of the hotel tech suppliers worldwide:

  • Two-Way integrations with 80% of the world market of PMS’s
  • Integrations to 90% of the world market of Mobile Access to deliver digital keys
  • 85% of room prices accessible through Channel Manager integration
  • Pioneering advanced payment through our acquirer agnostic UK partner Apexx Global. We can handle any credit card in the world!

We have a global outreach

At AeroGuest we see no boundaries for collaboration between us and a hotel or hotel group. Our tech partners are global and so are we. Today we work with hotel groups across Europe, North America and Australia.

It's just a question of time before AeroGuest will be operating at hotels on every continent of the world.

Leading GuestTech Innovator

We strive to be a strategic partner to hotels. Our aim is to grow the hotel business through innovation and next level mobile hospitality.

Using our complex technology, we help hotels navigate the digital world of hospitality and grow their revenue.


Meet the young, casual, and collaborative team behind AeroGuest. We are strongly connected with our vision to become the biggest player on the global market by delivering a completely seamless and efficient piece of traveltech to the hospitality industry. 

Nikolai Kronborg

     Chief Executive Officer

Frederik Møller

  Global Director of Sales

Giuliano Di Marco

   Head of Finance & People

Audinga Feiferé

          Client Director

Tina Frederiksen

       Head of Onboarding

Morten Becker Grønning

Head of Product Development B2B

Kasper Tikær Olesen

Head of Product Development B2C

Barbora Hluskova

         Marketing Manager

Julia Łukaszewicz

           UX & Digital Design

Michalina Debska

    Digital Marketing Intern

Simon Phi Dang

     Software Developer

Mathias Wenzel Fogh

   Head of Software Development

David Bendix

 Full-stack Developer

Thomas Ulstrup Hansen

                   Software Developer

Laurits Dyrberg Hansen

           Lead Android Developer

Malene Vo

Student Software Developer

Søren Schou Mathiasen

                         iOS Developer

Nicolai Fisker

  Software Developer

Simon Jensen

  Software Developer


We are a people company and love to work with our clients and partners. Our approach to collaboration is always solution focused and agile.

Hotel AX

Hotel AX is a compass that helps you navigate Helsinki's art offering while being an art experience already in itself. 


We connect to your existing tech-stack in order to provide next level mobile hospitality to your hotel guests.

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