Behind every success is a strong team. We are a group of ambitious professionals who combine our passion for technology, IoT and digitalisation with our passion for making life easier for you: Our partners and users of our app. We’re a close-knit team who all love that we work hard together to achieve our goals and that we never forget to celebrate our successes.


Behind every success…

…is a strong team. We are a group of ambitious professionals who combine our passion for technology, IoT and digitalisation with our passion for making life easier for you: Our partners and users of our app. We’re a close-knit team who all love that we work hard together to achieve our goals and that we never forget to celebrate our successes.

Martin Sponholtz,
CEO, CTO & Founder

Martin is the man behind the scenes. Martin is a true entrepreneur and a creative thinker. He loves the idea of connecting the things that matter to us – home as well as business – via digitalisation and the Internet of Things. +10 years of experience with the development of complex software solutions, the utilisation of big data for immediate value creation and as head of a big software development team in a Danish energy-trading house.

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Mary Traverso Ng,
Business Development & Sales Consultant, Greater China

Mary has been in the travel publishing for decades. She has held several leading positions. Even though she has seen almost every hotel room in the region, she is still very excited about exploring new properties, new facilities and new destinations. She is well travelled in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific and her dream destination is South America!

Fun fact: She has a life-long request to all hotel GMs: “Please have powerful hairdryers!”

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Torben Søndergaard,
Business Development & Sales Consultant, Europe

Torben has 25+ years of sales and relationship management experience from companies like SONY, Quadriga, Holmegaard Glasværk, Skagen Designs og EAC/ØK. Torben’s philosophy is that a signed contract wiht a new client is the culmination of a successful sales process. BUT that it only becomes a success if the client continues to be satisified with the decision and exploits the service to the fullest.

Fun fact: Torben’s takes care of his back by doing more than 80,000 press-ups every year.

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Charles Tee,
Business Development & Sales Consultant, Southeast Asia

Charles is a well-respected hospitality and tourism professional with 30+ years of success-proven experience throughout the Asia Pacific. His expertise is in the strategic management and development of hospitality & tourism having done start-ups and turnarounds of existing businesses.

Fun fact: Charles has a love for heights having done vertical marathons and skydiving from 14,000

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Thomas Nyegaard,
Business Development & Sales Consultant, Southeast Asia

Thomas heads our Asian sales team. He has lived in Singapore since 2014 where he has worked as Sales and Business Development Manager for a Danish fintech company. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has invested in and advised a number of start-ups during the past 15 years. Thomas has a passion for helping young companies finding their feet and gaining traction with customers.

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Maximilian Wiese,
Software & Product Development

Max is an ambitious and skilled software developer with experience from the entry trading and consultancy industries. As Martin’s right hand, he has the overview of the solutions and technologies developed by the team and is responsible for on-boarding our customers.

Fun fact: I attend a huge techno festival every year.

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David Mørch Jensen,
Backend & Web

David has been on board since July 2016 while he has been finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. David is responsible for translating AeroGuest’s business logic into code and securing future development of the platform. It’s impossible for David to get stressed and he always loves a challenge.

Fun fact: I am probably the best at drinking Jäger bombs at the office 😉

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Mathias Jørgensen,

Mathias studies to become an ICT Engineer and has been with AG since Summer 2016. He develops the platform’s backend / frontend and is responsible for ensuring that the business goals are translated into technology. His structured approach makes him a natural agile project manager.

Fun fact: I use a lot of my spare time as a bowhunter.

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Tim Sørensen,

Tim has +15 years of experience as an IT consultant. His responsibility is to work with the platform in Azure Cloud and to create and maintain TEST, SYST and PROD environments. Tim is the kind of person who brings working joy back to what ever he is working with and this rubs off on the colleagues. – And he can keep it cool in chaotic situations.

Fun fact: If I did not work with IT I would have been the world’s best soccer player :o)

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Mathias Wenzel Fogh,

Mathias finds the informal work atmosphere important. He found that in AeroGuest. Next to finishing his studies in software engineering, he works with the backend development. Mathias says that he really likes that he can actually see people using something that he has been a part of creating.

Fun fact: I am afraid of horses. But then again; who would not be? It’s 800 kilos of pure muscle and evil!


Kristian Hangst,

Kristian studies software engineering. His focus is backend development and he is responsible for implementing new features and maintaining, refactoring and debugging existing code. He likes the fact that he has real responsibility, actual deadlines and great colleagues.

Fun fact: I came back from 2.5 months in Southeast Asia without thinking I was now a life-guru.

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Advisory Board

Our advisory team is an experienced and dedicated group of people. Combined, they represent a vast knowledge within technology, business development and the hospitality industry.

Nikolai Kronborg, Chairman of the board

Nikolai is an expert on consumer behaviour.  He has +20 years of experience with business development, digital explotation and investment opportunities within scalable digital products.

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Michael Ritto, Board member

Michael is an experienced investor and business angel with +40 years of experience in the music and advertising industries. 

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Karim Nielsen, Board member

Karim Nielsen is the CEO of Brøchner Hotels in Denmark. He has +30 years of experience within hospitality and has a large international hospitality network.

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