What are beacons?

Imagine a light house. It spins and sends a signal. That is basically what a beacon does.

A beacon is a box which you place conveniently. For instance, in the reception area. When the guest is close enough with their phone, the phone will hear the signal from the beacon and the app will automatically discover that it is in the hotel. In this moment the beacon interacts with the phone.

So, with the aid of the beacon technology we can provide extra services for the guest. The sky is the limit and basically it is only the number of beacons that determines the possibilities.

BUT you do not have to invest in beacons in order to go into partnership with us. Look at the beacon technology as an add-on. The foundation is the platform. Beacons enable us to dig into the Internet of Things for the benefit of the customer.



Cutting-edge and solid technology

We love technology. We are certified, and we only work with the best. Our business cloud integrates with all systems – and yes, we also integrate with your PMS system.

Our focus has been and still is to be 100% independent of all existing platforms and systems. In other words: We can provide the access for devices or solutions of your choice. Our cloud gives you the opportunity to tailor your partnership with us so that it fits your and your gusts’ needs.

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