The Landmark Hotel

The stylish 5 star hotel in London strive to offer in-person services. Introducing modern mobile payment methods for guests have increased pre-arrival services and automated pre-auth and credit card on file.
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The Landmark Hotel

The Landmark Hotel in London has a rich history as one of the last railway hotels to be constructed in the city in 1899. The hotel's focus on technology has been vital in providing exceptional in-person service to its guests.

The 300 room hotel introduced AeroGuest in 2018 and added AeroGuest Payments to streamline the payment process, so the guests have settled payments before arrival ensuring a smooth and seamless pre-arrival check-in experience, allowing the hotel staff to focus on delivering outstanding service from the moment the guest walks through the door.


18% of all guests checks in before arrival              50% increase on pre-arrival checked-in guests

0% chargebacks with AeroGuest Payments         +20 payment methods implemented in one month

“Ever since launching mobile services and pre-arrival check-in AeroGuest Payments have been probably the most used part of AeroGuest with our guests. And now that we offer the full AeroGuest platform we will continue to grow and grow the usage of payment services”.

Gary Barnsley, Assistant Director of Rooms


Guest visits from around the world so an increase in payment methods, from Credit Cards to multiple mobile payment options, is needed to meet the guest expectation of having modern payment methods such as ApplePay and Google Pay. Getting pre-auth or credit card on file from guest before arrival would just make sense. We need to automize it to make time for a better personal service.

The introduction of AeroGuest Payments offers up to 25 payment methods and allows for automating the Credit Card on file and pre-auth process during the pre-arrival check-in. This secures the payment from guests so they do not need to hand it over at front desk and the automation saves a lot of time.

In one month The Landmark Hotel went from 2 to 25 payment methods increasing pre-arrived guest by 50%. Online payment volume increased by 50% providing front desk with a lot of guests credit cards on file with asking the guest for a credit card. And Zero chargebacks with AeroGuest Payments.

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