1. Investment

What type of investment (e.g. equipment, installations etc.) would a hotel need to consider when implementing the AeroGuest platform?

To get the most out the AeroGuest platform, we recommend that the hotel integrates both the mobile access solution and the AeroGuest platform. The costs depend on doors in the hotel. In some cases, you just need to add a chip to the door. In other cases, the entire lock needs to be changed.

The Aeroguest platform also functions without the integration with the doors.

2. Deployment of technology

How will the technology be deployed?

We are certified with:

  • Oracle Hospitality: The property management system with the largest worldwide market share.
  • Assa Abloy Mobile Access: The keyless entry system with the largest worldwide market share.

Wherever these are hosted we will deploy a small piece of software which will ensure that we can integrate with these systems.

If required, we can develop integrations to other PMS and/or keyless entry systems.

A small beacon may also be deployed at the hotel reception. It will allow the AeroGuest app to detect that the guest has arrived at the hotel and will automatically check them in.

3. Contingency / Support

What kind of support or “contingency” plan is needed in the event of a customer’s app/mobile device not working?

We require that all systems must be able to function without the use of a mobile app. In the case of keyless entry, it is possible to issue a plastic card which will work correctly with Assa Abloy locks.

Regarding payments there must be a standard point of sales system, which can perform transactions with ordinary credit cards, cash, etc.

4. Storing of data

How is data stored?

Until a guest has downloaded the AeroGuest app and accepted our terms of use, we do not store any booking data or personal information related to this guest.

We only store masked credit card information in the AeroGuest backend. The full credit card data is stored with a PCI-compliant vendor.

5. Implementation costs

What is the cost for implementing AeroGuest?

The hotel will pay a small monthly fee + a small fee for each guest that uses AeroGuest to check in. There is no upfront cost connected to the partnership.

There is a small cost associated with the deployment of a beacon.

6. Maintenance / ongoing costs

Are there any maintenance/ongoing costs for using the AeroGuest platform?

There are no additional costs to the monthly fee for the partnership and the small fee for each guest that uses the AeroGuest app to check in.

7. Marketing materials

Do you have any marketing or business development materials (e.g. electronic brochures, leaflets etc.) where you can share more information?

For the time being we have the website: aeroguest.com. You can also learn more about the company behind AeroGuest; Cuegrid, via the company website: cuegrid.com. More materials will be produced during 2017. We are of course ready to assist you if you have specific needs.

Frequently asked questions about AeroGuest.We have put together a list of some of the most-asked questions that we get from our partners.
1. Investment – What type of investment (e.g. equipment, installations etc.) would a hotel need to consider when implementing the AeroGuest platform?

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