Report: Mobile Hospitality - towards a touch free travel experience

We asked Ipsos to create a piece of research compiling all you need to know about the future of Mobile Hospitality
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Define your hotel’s mobile strategy based on consumer feedback

AeroGuest believes that the best hotel stays are when booking, access and choice of room, check-in, payment, and personal service come together in a seamless and touch free experience.

Thus, AeroGuest asked Ipsos Denmark to create a piece of research compiling all you need to know about the future of Mobile Hospitality. This collaborative report will lead your business through a mobile digitalization path in a B2B context.

4 in every 5 guests consider AeroGuest service as attractive

Discover the mobile service that your hotel needs. The report addresses:

  • The current challenges in the digitalization journey of the hotel industry.
  • What you benefit from having a mobile hospitality service.
  • Consumers’ appeal and perceptions of a seamless and touch free travel experience.
  • Consumers’ most valued services in the mobile hospitality service and how you can package the best offer.
47% of bookings are made in-app

The guests already love the touch free travel experience

"Brilliant! I hate the fact that you book a hotel and then have to spend ages at the front desk giving information that could so easily have been acquired earlier."

"Something I had never even considered but it is ex- tremely practical and much more effective..."

"It would be fantastic to be able to choose your room and have everything ready when arriving!"

"Was a very quick and efficient way, and means you don’t have to spend ages queueing at the desk."

55% of guests use smartphones to book hotel

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