Staying relevant through customisation and personalised services

Personalisation, customisation and relevance are very familiar terms in many sectors. Nevertheless, those are terms are being used intertwined and unless one really knows the difference between them any service strategy you might be undertaking, it will never echo with the effect you want it to

Service personalisation involves serving guests based on their preferences. It leverages data collected from previous stays, and works better with repeat customers.

Customisation is offering customers alternative choices to customize based on their preferences.

Guest relevance is maybe one of the things that is most difficult to achieve but also one of the most powerful tools to provide an extraordinary service. #digital #guest #journey can help achieve this.

The hotel industry collects all sorts of customer data but registration and payment data do not contribute to personalisation. To provide personalised services, hoteliers need to collect preference data even before the guest arrives. When hoteliers send out reservation confirmation e-mails, they could ask customers to provide some preference data: for example, whether they prefer tea or coffee, a particular scent or type of shampoo, and what their robe size is, etc. Most hotels do not collect such data and probably most customers won’t take the time to provide the data either. Without actionable preference data, hoteliers can’t provide optimum personalised services.

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