Help hotels make time for what matters

Integrate with our AeroGuest end-to-end SaaS platform connected to the entire hospitality industry.

We integrate to the existing hotel tech stack

Automation and simplified hotel operations in combination with a seamless guest experience demands multiple two-way integrations:

  • Property Management System
  • Payment Gateway and Acquire
  • Digital Key
  • Channel Manager

Property Management Systems (PMS)

With our two-way integration to hotels Property Management Systems, we completely automate and simplify hotel operations, providing hotels with a seamless guest journey.

Mobile Access Integrations

Open sesame. Our mobile access team unlocks everything, - empowering guests with a digital key.

"User friendly, smooth guest journey. Fully integrated with VingCard Visionline (server based) and Vostio (cloud based) access management. Integrated VingCard mobile keys. Good, pro-active customer support".

Jeroen Coesmans, Managing Director, Assa Abloy Global Solutions

AeroGuest Payments

We cooperate with the top standard payment gateways and acquirers around The World.

AeroGuest Payments

We provide a single payments platform globally to accept payments and grow revenue online, on mobile, and at the point of sale.

Payment partner - Apexx logo

Payment Gateway

We consolidate global payment providers into a single integration point called Apexx Global, optimizing the cost of complex payment ecosystems.

Channel Manager Integrations

AeroGuest supports Direct Booking through your Channel Manager. With only three clicks, your guests can book a stay at your hotel using AeroGuest.