Hotel Østerport

Hotel Østerport just invested in a larger refurbishment and rebranding effort. The hotel has taken on a new identity and is poised to exceed guest expectations.
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Hotel Østerport

Housed in an iconic Østerbro landmark, built in the golden age of modernism, Hotel Østerport has been meticulously restored and reimagined into a modern hotel. Alive with original details, the hotel with 170 rooms offer guests a home-away-from-home.


  • 39% of guests are checked in before arrival
  • Modern tech stack improves hotel operation and efficiency
  • Guests can use +20 mobile payment methods


At Hotel Østerport, the majority of guests stay for just one night, which can create a busy reception area and long lines for check-in and out. As part of exceeding the guest experience Hotel Østerport wanted to reduce any unnecessary hazzle during check-in. 

With AeroGuest Journey guests are able to check-in in multiple ways through both web, iOS or Android. AeroGuest minimize the risk for a long line at the front desk and meet todays guest demand for controlling any aspects of their travel.

Hotel Østerport has seen a significant uptake in the use of AeroGuest, with 39% of guests now checking in using AeroGuest Journey. This is partly due to the convenience of mobile payment and digital room key access offered by AeroGuest, both functionalities and incentives imbraced by their guests.

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