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"Very user-friendly for both guests and us as users"

Varberg Kusthotell, Sweden

Varberg Kusthotell

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Varbergs Kusthotell is part of the Comwell hotel chain, which comprises fifteen hotels in Denmark. All Comwell hotels have their own character, mood and atmosphere. But one thing they all have in common is good service and professional staff. 

There is something completely unique about this place. Something magical. The magnificent buildings and the enchanting landscape outside take guests into their own little world. The sparkling coastline that can be seen from many rooms is soothing for the soul. In 1992, the hotel became Varberg Kurort & Kusthotell and today is known as Varbergs Kusthotell. A place to enjoy pleasant company in a relaxed atmosphere that inspires a zest for life and equanimity.

Johanna Olesen, Varberg Kusthotell
Johanna Olesen
System Manager, Varbergs Kusthotell
Very user-friendly for both guests and us as users.

Decreasing queue at the hotel's reception at both check-in and departure. Easy for the guest to pay before arrival. The digital key is also very popular.

At Varbergs Kusthotell the sea is ever present. Both in their thalassotherapy spa with seawater and in their restaurant, where the food is prepared from local ingredients from the sea and land. You can build energy and strength through fitness classes or enjoy a restorative visit to their thalassotherapy spa. The hotel offers plenty of sea-infused experiences, just 52 steps from the sea. An experience at Varbergs Kusthotel should not start by standing in line to do the behind-the-counter check-in. The hotel wanted the guest's journey to start before arriving at the hotel.

By choosing AeroGuest, Varberg's guests are now able to prepare for the stay before they arrive. Check-in and settle any payment, receive the digital key, and get notified when their room is ready. This advance preparation ensures that every guest can anticipate the Varbergs experience with maximum comfort and ease.

ImpactSince implementation, there has been a significant uptake in online check-in, with an average of 33% of all arrivals using the service – the number jumps to 55% during the busy summer months.

Despite 30% of reservations lacking contact details, AeroGuest successfully checks in 47% of all contacted guests. Moreover, 74% of guests who check in online engage further by downloading the app, which provides not only a digital key but also access to the hotel universe.

This transformation has also benefited the front desk staff, who now enjoy a streamlined daily workflow and more quality time to interact with guests.

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