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4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions

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As the hospitality industry fully adopts a cloud-based tech stack, it is vital to shed light on the main benefits, advantages, and opportunities this transition brings. Not just for us as tech providers, but for the hotels we build for.

1. Ease of Onboarding

For both hotels and third-party providers, the simplicity of starting with a cloud-based PMS cannot be overstated. The process usually requires just a few clicks, removing the unnecessary long waiting period for on-site updates and changes. This immediate access enables a quicker setup, allowing hotels to benefit from various tech advancements without any delay.

2. Simplified Maintenance

Cloud-based systems offer a streamlined approach to maintenance. With updates deployed simultaneously across all properties, there’s no need for the individualized manual updates that on-premise systems require. This not only saves time but also ensures that all users benefit from the latest features and security enhancements at the same time. 

3. Enhanced Collaboration

The agility of cloud PMS solutions makes them ideally suited for future-oriented collaborations. They facilitate a hassle-free integration process with third-party technologies, allowing hoteliers to construct their ideal tech stack. This openness to collaboration empowers hotels to innovate and tailor their offerings to meet the evolving guest demands.

As the guests-facing tool, we are frequently asked about which PMS hotels should choose, and we consider ourselves as advisers. We have all the interaction with the guests, so we understand what the guests want.

4. Economic Efficiency

Lastly, cloud-based systems may offer economic advantages. The upfront and ongoing costs associated with maintaining on-premise hardware can be significant. Cloud solutions by contrast, often operate on a subscription model that can scale with a hotel’s needs, potentially offering cost savings over time.


While we value our partnerships across both cloud and on-premise platforms we’re excited about the possibilities that cloud-based PMS solutions bring to the forefront of hotel technology. We believe these systems are technological advancements building a more connected, efficient, and innovative future for all of us in the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, we offer integrations at no additional cost, as we believe hotels should be able to easily select any integration they wish to utilize - without the burden of extra charges.

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