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Hotels operating with one of AeroGuest’s integrated PMS systems can now benefit from our new partnership with Loopon.

"Hoteliers want a bespoke and personal design when interacting and communicating with guests throughout the entire journey. In our latest partnership with Loopon, we’re elevating this further, by integrating Loopon’s extensive review engine into AeroGuest’s communication platform. This will allow hotels to seamlessly distribute tailored review requests, aligned with their unique property, while also gaining invaluable insights to continually enhance the overall guest experience." - says Morten Grønning, Head of Product at AeroGuest

The result of the partnership will be more guest reviews and a more coherent guest experience. Or as Mathias Sabel, CCO at Loopon puts it:

"In our new collaboration, AeroGuest and Loopon isn't just selling a service together; we're curating an unparalleled guest journey offering hotels to stay true to their brand whilst getting the most value from the systems they use. It's not just any collab; it's a seamless guest experience from booking to checkout that lands in insights and feedback that assists hotels elevating their experiences!"

With this powerful partnership, AeroGuest and Loopon are setting a new standard for hotel guest engagement and satisfaction. By seamlessly integrating personalized communication with insightful feedback mechanisms, we are not just addressing the immediate needs of today's travelers; we are anticipating the demands of tomorrow's guests.

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