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Check-in made easy with our smart payment solution.

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Pay on arrival, virtual card, pre-paid, pre-auth, credit card on file. The list goes on, for what is and what isn’t required by the guest to do when checking in. All this is automatically handled by AeroGuest, by reading and understanding each hotel's unique payment setup and rules.

On top of that, AeroGuest is able to also require a pre-authorization with a dynamic amount, depending on the length of the guest’s stay. From the guest’s point of view, this is all done in one smooth transition, as they only need to add their card once; to pay for their stay, reserve a pre-auth, and save the card for any extras during the stay.

Behind the scenes, AeroGuest handles each transaction individually, ensuring all is charged, and updates the bill accordingly in the hotel’s PMS.

To complicate matters a little more but make it even simpler for guests and hoteliers, we recently introduced charging a deposit instead of a pre-authorization. As the latter can have its disadvantages, especially post-stay where the guest can end up waiting weeks before the reserved amount is released.

We listened to our hotel partners, who wished they could rather just charge a deposit on arrival and simply refund the appropriate amount after check-out. Refunding the deposit can of course also be automated, e.g. at the end of the guest’s departure day. The deposit feature is now available and can be configured to each hotelier’s liking from AeroGuest Flow.

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