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Collecting the Real Guest E-mail Addresses

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A significant amount of hotel reservations continues to be made through Online Travel Agencies like or Expedia. And what usually comes with it is the creation of unique, temporary email addresses for guests. These email addresses forward to the guest's actual email but do not necessarily directly reveal it to the hotels.

This represents a huge missed opportunity for hoteliers. Without direct access to guest contact information, hotels lose valuable chance to further engage with their customers. This results in losing the opportunity to create long-term relationships, loyalty, and additional revenue opportunities.

So, how is this challenge being addressed by AeroGuest? 🎯

The solution lies in the process of online check-in. During this stage, guests are asked to provide their personal e-mail address. AeroGuest is therefore supporting hotels with the correct contact information pushing it to the PMS and bridging the communication gap created by OTA’s.

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