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Make payment automation a priority

Would you like to have payments settled before the guest arrives? Sell more, increase your service level, and remove chargebacks?

Make payment automation HERO

Introducing AeroGuest Payments

Would you like to have payments settled before the guest arrives? Sell more, increase your service level, and remove chargebacks?

In today's world of hospitality and customer service, providing a fully automated guest experience has become vital. With the rise of technology and the demand for convenience, guests expect a seamless and hassle-free experience from the moment they book their stay to the moment they check out.  And when it comes to automation, payment is an essential part of the equation.

Automating the payment process not only saves time and increases efficiency, but it also enhances the overall guest experience. Guests want to feel secure and in control of their transactions, and automation provides just that. With payment processing integrated into the digital guest journey, guests can quickly and easily pay for their stay and any additional services they may have used during their stay.

So, if you're in the hospitality industry, it's important to make payment automation a priority. By doing so, you'll not only improve your guests' experience but also increase your own efficiency and profitability.

Embrace technology and your guests will thank you for it.

Preferred payment methods

There have never been as many payment options as there are today. This is a clear sign that the demand for easier, faster and safer payment is ever growing. Being able to offer your guests their preferred payment method when paying for your services, will put you in front of competitors. Guests will choose you based on this convenience you are offering them.

Preferred payment methods differ dramatically from country to country and in hospitality, guests are coming from all over the world. Hence it is crucial to support all kinds of payment methods tailored to your guest's origin. One thing is clear, digital wallets and alternative payment methods are the future.

Offering an advanced payment solution requires great technology and software that knows where your guests are from. This is not in the cards for most hoteliers on their own, which is why we have established AeroGuest Payment, where we immediately support you in offering your guests their preferred payment method.

We look forward to bringing the future of payment to hoteliers worldwide. 

Safe and secure payments with zero chargebacks

With AeroGuest Payments, we offer multiple payment methods using the necessary 3DS secure to reduce fraud and enhance security.

If a cardholder claims that a transaction was unauthorized and files a chargeback, but 3D Secure technology was deployed, then you as a hotel are protected. 3DS secure payments removed the liability from the hotel.

Payment is problem-solving

Struggling with a labour shortage? We are seeing average hotel wages were at all-time high. Since the pandemic, average hotel wages have increased faster than average wages throughout the general economy. 

As nearly 80% of hotels experience staffing shortages, hoteliers are offering potential hires a host of incentives to fill vacancies, according to a new survey of hoteliers conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA).

AeroGuest Payment strengthens our core product, guest and hotel experience and increases check-in conversion.

To sum up, payment is an essential part of a fully automated guest experience

Hotel benefits:

  • Credit card on file
  • Credit card pre-authorization
  • Payment settle in PMS
  • Offering preferred payment methods

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