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The Future of Guest Interaction and Communication

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In this article, we explore the versatility of tailoring communication for various types of guests across different hotel segments. From 2-star accommodation to luxurious 5-star hotels and conference venues, AeroGuest supports hotels to seamlessly enhance the guest experience. 

The Components: Ingredients for Success

One touchpoint in the guest journey can include multiple components, see below a breakdown of one single touchpoint. 

Tailoring Communication for Each Guest

An example of a guest touchpoint is to check in before arrival. Under this specific touch point, multiple components can be added.

Our component library consists of three main aspects that add extra value to the guests; Communication feature, Technical feature, and Commercial feature which creates a full seamless guest journey from the beginning of the guest's stay to post-stay.

Communication features are automatically triggered and scheduled based on a certain event in the PMS. Hotels can therefore benefit from consistent and timely communication adding value to its guests. 

We’ve built the technical foundation to support every touchpoint in the guest’s journey. Our advanced setup enables hotels to choose features according to their needs.

After ensuring the guest is contacted and the technical ability is there, hotels can add a commercial feature from our library. E.g. settling a payment or booking their next stay. 


In the hospitality landscape, diversity is prevalent not only among hotels but also among travelers. Understanding this, technology can equip hotels with a suite of guest interaction and communication solutions, ensuring that every guest receives a personalized experience regardless of the property they choose.

1. Two-Star Hotels:

These hotels cater to budget-conscious travelers seeking comfortable accommodation without compromising on quality. With AeroGuest, 2-star establishments can streamline guest interactions efficiently, offering essential services seamlessly. This integration allows for quick check-ins & outs, simplifying administrative tasks and improving the overall guest experience.

2. Five-Star Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels serve guests who expect exceptional quality and impeccable service. Technology should enhance this experience by facilitating seamless communication, enabling personalized services such as concierge assistance and exclusive upselling opportunities e.g. champagne, whiskey bar, etc. - meeting guests' high standards, often including comfort and convenience.

One hotel can have 3 different Communication Flows

...and many more personalized Guest Journeys

3. Conference Venues

Conference hotels witness a constant influx of guests, especially during peak periods. Managing numerous arrivals and departures seamlessly is crucial. Technology simplifies this process, focusing on efficient check-outs and ensuring a smooth transition for guests amidst the busy schedule of events.

4. Staffless Hotels

In scenarios where human interaction is minimal, technology steps in as the silent yet efficient concierge, facilitating guest check-ins, providing keyless entry, and offering essential services seamlessly throughout the stay.

At AeroGuest, we recognize the diverse needs of hotels and guests alike. Through our innovative guest interaction and communication solution we empower hotels to deliver exceptional experiences tailored to every guest, regardless of the property or the purpose of their stay.


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