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The Key to Success in the Hospitality Industry

At the heart of automated hotel operations lies a robust PMS

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Having spent years at AeroGuest delving into hotel operations and guest experiences, the core element that either makes them or breaks them is: the Property Management System.
1. At the heart of automated hotel operations lies a robust PMS, which equally extends to enhancing the entire guest experience – like a silent hero making sure every stay is memorable.  🦸‍♂️
2. The real power of PMS lies in the ability to communicate with third-party services. Systems like Mews, HotelTime Solutions, Apaleo, and Infor specifically stand out by using Websockets or Webhooks - the critical component ensuring instant live data updates. 🔗
3. Choosing a strong and modern PMS should not be an option; it’s imperative for a hotel’s success. This forward-thinking approach guarantees a great guest experience while staying ahead of the curve.

The combination of an advanced Property Management System and a third party like AeroGuest with valuable features and two-way integration is the cornerstone of a great digital guest experience and smooth front desk operations, as any changes made by a guest in our platform directly exchange data with the PMS and vice versa.

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