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Top 3 recommendations for more personal service through the use of technology

GuestTech Insights · Issue 25

Insight GT25

For over a decade, airlines have revolutionized the check-in process, shifting from traditional counters to digital solutions that boost efficiency and enhance passenger satisfaction. This shift has already cultivated a behavior change among travelers.

Now, it’s the hospitality industry’s turn to capitalize on this readiness for digital convenience. The airline industry has laid the groundwork and guests are well prepared for a similar evolution for their hotel stays. Here are our top 3 recommendations on how the hospitality industry will successfully adapt their operations to embrace a digital solution, while still providing guests with an exceptional personal experience.

1. Ensure two-way integration

To truly automate manual tasks and achieve the highest level of automation, two-way integration is a must. This deeper level of integration allows for real-time data synchronization across all platforms. This ensures that any information guests input is instantly reflected system-wide, while any updates from staff are immediately available to guests. This dynamic exchange keeps both sides informed and operations running smoothly.

2. Data: Your most valuable asset

Getting high-quality booking data is a challenge for all hoteliers, especially because of the incomprehensible number of booking channels, that provide varying quality of information, e.g. on the guest’s email address and phone number. We have found that on average, hoteliers only have contact information on 51,6% of their bookings.

The significance of quality booking data cannot be emphasized enough. Having comprehensive data on each guest opens up a world of possibilities. It enables personalized guest experience, allowing for tailored stays that not only meet but exceed guest expectations. Ultimately, it’s the guest data that breathes life into your hotel's service, ensuring longevity and customer loyalty.

3. Mirror the airline model

Hotels can emulate the airline model one-to-one, mirroring the efficiency seen in the airline industry and providing guests with a hassle-free experience from the moment they arrive. Just as travelers now routinely check in, select seats, and add services before setting foot in an airport, guests should experience the same level of convenience when arriving at a hotel. 

AeroGuest has drawn inspiration from the airline industry, ensuring that guests can arrive and be fully checked in, informed and have their stay tailored before arriving - without a hassle. The process needs to be smooth, reliable, and intuitive - as this is what modern travelers are searching for.


Karim Nielsen, The CEO of Hotel Sanders, put it this way: 

’The modern traveler expects that all planning, including paperwork completed during check-in, is done before arrival, similar to the airline experience. Standing in front of a computer screen at a counter and handing over credit cards and paperwork, is not the idea of welcoming guests. We aim to have the reception team spend their time on what's important - engaging in meaningful conversations with guests about what's enjoyable.’’

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